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Cyberlytics is an Enterra Company in the business of Early Warning Cyber (EWC), Web3 Decentralized Identity Knowledge and Management (ID K&M), Cloud Security Integration, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to combat the cybersecurity threats its potential enterprise and government clients encounter. Cyberlytics has direct access to Dark Web data sources, feeds, and real-time end-node sensors including IoT and it uses its core data analytics to emphasize solving two main components of the Cyber Threats: 1) counter spoofing of users' identities for access to conduct inside threats, and 2) the thwarting of data tampering at the early stages of a threat. This EWC solution uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and supporting analytics for sifting, processing, and garnering knowledge from the volumes of incoming data. Operating its solutions as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for easy integration with existing security infrastructures and providing Information and Insights for Action Plans for clients.

Enterra is continuing to looking for other opportunities in the technology sector and in particular emerging technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and Green Energy. The Company is evaluating investment possibilities with on-going projects which provide short-term cash flow and profitability for its shareholders . These opportunities are being evaluated and the Company may invest in them in exchange for shares, revenue sharing or outright acquisition.


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